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TITLE : After The Wildfire Ten Years Of Recovery From The Willow Fire

Get this from a library after the wildfire ten years of recovery from the willow fire john alcock very few people have ever returned again and again to the site of a natural but disastrous wildfire john alcock is such a returnee who recorded the aftermath of the willow fire which burned a buy after the wildfire ten years of recovery from the willow fire on amazoncom free shipping on qualified ordersafter the wildfire describes the remarkable recovery of wildlife in the mazatzal mountains in central arizona it is the rare observer who has the dedication to revisit the site of a wildfire especially over many years and seasonson june 24 2004 a lightning strike started a fire in the mazatzal mountains not far from the town of payson arizona the fire grew rapidly and eventually consumed nearly 200 square miles of forest and chaparral before running out of steam many days later in julyanother year and half or so has vanished from the calendar but the time has been put to good use in the once burned areas of the mazatzals along the stream the perennial oaks and acacias have added considerable biomass in the form of new spiny stems and pointed leaves with the result that the

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