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TITLE : The Theory Of Moral Sentiments

The theory of moral sentiments is a 1759 book by adam smith it provided the ethical philosophical psychological and methodological underpinnings to smiths later works including the wealth of nations 1776 essays on philosophical subjects 1795 and lectures on justice police revenue and arms 1763 first published in 1896advertisement since the first publication of the theory of moral sentiments which was so long ago as the beginning of the year 1759 several corrections and a good many illustrations of the doctrines contained in it have occurred to me2011 reprint of 1790 london edition today adam smiths reputation rests on his explanation of how rational self interest in a free market economy leads to economic well beingc c iii of the corruption of our moral sentiments which is occasioned by this disposition to admire the rich and the great and to despise or neglectsmith on moral sentiments part vii systems of moral philosophy 139 section 1 the questions that ought to be examined in a theory of moral sentiments

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