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TITLE : Island Of Knowledge

This book is ostensibly about the inherent limits of scientific knowledge but actually provides an excellent summary of what is known at least in physics and traces its development from the greeks onward in the process of identifying these limitsjohn gribbon reviews the island of knowledge the limits of science and the search for meaning by marcelo gleiserwhy discovering the limits to science may be the most powerful discovery of all how much can we know about the world in this audiobook physicist marcelo gleiser traces our search for answers to the most fundamental questions of existence the origin of the universe the nature of reality and the limits of knowledgelesen sie island of knowledge von linda quiring mit rakuten kobo in 1974 linda quiring moved to salt spring island british columbia to find herself salt spring island was one of theas the island of knowledge grows so do the shores of our ignorancethe boundary between the known and unknown learning more about the world doesnt lead to a point closer to a final destinationwhose existence is nothing but a hopeful assumption anywaysbut to more questions and mysteries

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